Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Unit

Changing Seasons @ Chestatee

The issues affecting seniors are uniquely challenging, but problems like these are not normal at any age. When an individual's emotional problems become disruptive and significantly affect their ability to care for their own personal needs, an increased level of care may become necessary. Allow us to partner with you in making a future brighter for you and your loved one. Hope is just around the corner.

Patients can be referred by self, family, physicians, hospitals, assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

For more information, or to take the next step, call Changing Seasons at Chestatee. A professional therapist will determine if the patient is appropriate for treatment on the unit and assist with the admission process.

If the patient does not meet the criteria for inpatient care, alternative care and resources will be located and offered.

Please call 706-867-4241 for more information.

Outpatient Counseling Center

Life Cycles @ Chestatee

Chestatee Regional Hospital's Outpatient Counseling Center is here to help you discover a better tomorrow. It is our desire to guide you through the steps necessary to create a sense of hope in your most difficult times. Our program is designed to help seniors who struggle with daily living due to emotional distress find ways to deal with everyday challenges of life.

At Life Cycles, we understand that everyone reacts differently to life changes, loss and emotional pain. We are dedicated to helping reduce your suffering and give you the care and support needed when your problems are too difficult to work through alone. There are positive ways to cope and at Life Cycles, it is our commitment to show you how.

Specialized Treatment
We offer our patients outpatient counseling services that are directed toward the process of healing emotionally, physically and mentally. Our program is tailored to meet the needs of the patients and may include individual, group and family therapy. Our program operates Monday through Friday for approximately three hours per day.

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Please call 706-867-4303 for more information.